Museum of Spanish Colonial Art: Traditional Arts

Santos: depictions of religious figures in the form of bultos (painted and unpainted carvings in the round) or retablos (paintings retabloon wooden panels).

Tin: cut, punched, and worked into a variety of utilitarian or decorative objects.

Furniture: usually made from pine using mortise and tenon joints.

Relief carving: gesso relief retablos and relief carved wood panels similar to ones incorporated into furniture and doors.

Straw appliqué: wheat straw and corn husks cut and applied to painted wood in intricate designs.

Weaving: loom weavings, traditionally made from hand-spun, vegetal-dyed yarns.

Colcha: unique regional embroideries using the “colcha” stitch.

Ironwork: hand-forged into tools, fastenings and a variety of household objects.straw

Precious Metals: silver filigree and silver objects for daily or sacred use.

Pottery: hand-built, unglazed, utilitarian vessels, primarily for food storage and peparation; also decorative items.

Ramilletes: paper garlands.

Bonework: anillos (rings) and tool handles carved from bones.

Altar Screens

Gesso Relief

Bultos en Nichos