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Ways in Which Musicians Can Make Money

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It is one thing to have a talent, and it is another thing altogether to make money out of it. Although musicians have an admirable ability, some of them do not make money from it. This is despite spending many hours nurturing their talent and even spending money to buy instruments and on other things.

Such events can help musicians to make decent amounts of money besides popularizing themselves. With a well-known name, the artists can get future invitations or massively sell their music even through online channels.

Here are some ways musicians can earn from their talent:

Creating a YouTube Channel

a screen showing youtube appMusicians can get a good platform by starting their YouTube channels. Besides enabling them to make money with their music, the musicians can earn some cash teaching free music lessons. The idea is to get such video tutorials attract a ton of viewers and having monetized them, the musicians can make significant amounts of money.

Another creative way musicians can use YouTube channels to get money is to upload their videos while performing. Many musicians such as Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber were discovered through using this strategy. You can also shoot to stardom through the same, or even secure big gigs.

Selling their Music

It is no brainer that the primary way musicians can get cash from their talent is by selling their music. In the past, the norm was selling CDs and other physical copies through music stores or during performances. However, technology advancement has made these ways less popular and almost obsolete. Digital distribution is now the way to go. Musicians can sell their music on their sites or other third-party sites and channels and earn from it.

Teaching Music or Instruments

Those musicians with time and flexible schedules can consider teaching music or how to play some instruments. This can become a revenue source. Musicians could even be substitute music teachers in some institutions or use online channels to teach their art. Through online channels, such as YouTube or websites, they can also get another income if they attract a considerable following.

Live Performances and Gigs

a man perfoming musicMost musicians derive great pleasure from performing live to an audience as they also make money. The secret here is for musicians first to build their names to attract reasonable rates.

Musicians can popularize themselves by volunteering to perform in their early days and taking low paying gigs. To make good cash from performances, musicians need to consider organizing their concerts and selling tickets through their channels.

How We Have Built a SEM Agency from Scratch

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In 2018, internet marketing exploded with many people interested in having a share of the big pie of the search engine marketing. Barely a month into 2019, many people are creating SEM agencies to boost their business. Despite the new trend, most people have no clue of where to start from to create their search engine marketing agency.

The following is a blueprint of the essential steps that you need to build an SEM agency from scratch.


Try to Focus on Other Things Than Just Money

Since it is a marketing agency, most of us will prioritize money over other things. Well, that should not be the case. Focusing solely on money is one of the many traps that cause small businesses to fall. Focusing on money alone will make you come up with decisions that are not in the best interest for your employees or clients.

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In the start, focus on the service you are good at When building an SEM agency from scratch, most people tend to copy what others or the competitors are doing. It is a bad thing to do because if you offer the same services as what your competitors offer, you will have a hard time to stand out. The advised way to go about it is focusing on one service you are good at. By doing this, you will quickly be recognized as well as know what changes to make each day to progress forward.

Create a Robust Technological Foundation

Any person interested in starting an SEM agency from scratch should maximize their resources. One of the solutions is having a technological solution. Having a robust technological foundation will allow you to have an efficient technological setup that will assist you to win clients quickly.

work meetingGet Skills from Working in an Agency

With all the information on the internet and the number of people who each second say they are digital marketing experts, it may seem easy to acquire the required skills. Yes, you can get skills and knowledge from these sources; however, you are likely to make many mistakes because of following a piece of bad advice. The ideal way of getting SEM skills is working in another SEM agency and consulting the colleagues you are working with at that agency.

Try & Do It Yourself

You are building an SEM agency from scratch; therefore, you probably want to be your boss or do things the way you want. Getting investors and partners seems to be a good thing to do; however, there is a likelihood of having decisions made that are not geared to what you want your SEM agency to be like. Starting the agency yourself means you are your boss, and you will not have to negotiate with any partner or answer to any investor.

Financial Reserve

It is a tip that goes for every business. Always have some amount of money saved in case of emergencies. The recommended financial reserve when building an SEM agency from scratch has an amount that can cover three to six months’ expenses.

Main Sources of Business Funding

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Business people should diversify their sources of funding to improve their chances of getting appropriate financing. The funds obtained can help them in meeting their specific needs. Proactive entrepreneurs should evaluate the available sources of financing their businesses to find the best. This write-up is going to discuss the different sources of small business funding that every entrepreneur needs to consider.


angels-retired executives

Angles are retired many executives of wealthy individuals who invest their money by funding small businesses owned by others. They are always ready to finance people who are starting businesses and offer management/technical knowledge. They can offer up to 100,000 USD. Most of these people are leaders in the business field. Angels are given the right to supervising the management practices of the company for risking their finances. Most of them are known for keeping a low profile. You can meet them by contacting them on search websites or specialized associations.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is not suitable for all entrepreneurs. Most of the venture capitalists are only interested in technology-driven companies and businesses with high-growth potential. Individuals who are in sectors such as biotechnology, information technology, and communications should take advantage of these loans. You should look for an investor who has relevant knowledge and experience.

Personal Investments

Individuals who are planning to start businesses should consider themselves as first investors. They can either find their businesses with collateral on their assets or using their cash. This can prove to bankers and investors that such people have long-term commitments to their projects. Successful entrepreneurs are known for taking risks.

Bank Loans

bank loans

This is the common source of funding for both medium and small-sized businesses. Financial institutions offer different advantages including customized payments or personalized services. Shopping around can help you in finding the best bank. Most of these banks are looking for firms with a good track record or individuals with excellent credit.

Love Money

Love money you get as a loan from family members, friends, parents, or spouses. Banks and investors consider this money as “patient capital” because it is paid later when the business profit increase. Individuals who are borrowing this money should be aware of the following:

  • Their business relationship with their friends or family should not be taken lightly
  • Friends and family rarely have a lot of money
  • Some of the lenders are interested in having equity in the business

A Break Down of a Checking Account


In the world of finance, there are many things that are quite familiar, yet we don’t know what they actually are. There is a wide array of several different terms that we need to keep up with.

We have heard the term checking accounts used very often. However, if you are someone who is still not sure what they are, please read on and let us break it down for you. This article will help you understand about checking accounts. We will discuss and explain to you what they are, how you can get one, as well as all the different features that come with it.

What It Is

financial activityIf you have heard of transactional accounts or demand accounts, then you may also have heard of a checking account. That is because transactional accounts and demand accounts are some other names that you can call checking accounts. A checking account differs from other types of bank accounts. It is a deposit account that is accommodated at a financial institution that authorizes unlimited deposits and numerous withdrawals.

It is very liquid, and it can also be accessed using electronic debits, automated teller machines, checks, as well as other methods. It can include business or commercial accounts, student accounts, joint accounts, as well as different kinds that provide similar features.

How to Get One

There are many financial institutions that offer free checking accounts for you. You can look them up and see if you fit their requirements. If you want to open a new account, you should apply to a financial institution to get one.

When applying, there are several agencies that will report your financial history to help determine whether or not you can open a new one. Other than credit reporting, a consumer banking report that reports and tracks your banking history will be issued. If everything looks good on the report, it means you are a model account holder, and you can receive your account.


moneyBefore opening a checking account, there are several features that you need to put into consideration. Some of the features that you need to keep in mind before you apply to open a checking account are the fees, the overdraft protection, interest as well as the service charges. Other than that, you should also consider their abilities to provide you with features and benefits that are beneficial and conveniently available to you. These features include direct deposit, electronic funds transfer, automatic teller machines, and cashless banking.

Tips: Managing Your Finances


When managing your finances, you have to make the decisions on your own and adopt a financial management strategy that suits your lifestyle. Personal finance management should also peg on the amount of money that you make in a given period. Consider your immediate as well as your future investment plans. People who deem it prudent to manage their finances are often at a position to develop a solid personal financial development blueprint. This keeps them focused and streamlines their objectives – transforming them into top achievers in the society.

savings tracker

Weigh Your Options

Do not cling to the first offer that you get when buying anything. If you dream of owning a home or a car, for example, look around. Compare prices. Countercheck the interest rates in case you are obtaining the item on credit and ensure that the quality of whatever you are getting matches the price tag. It beats the logic to save money for a given item for months or years only to get swindled in the end.

The Net Worth Approach

It is usually interesting to hear what some of the wealthiest men and women in the world own. The staggering net worth figures that are attached to their names open up people’s eyes to the level of success that an individual can attain. The list of the world’s wealthiest personalities gives the wealthy the impetus to push harder and make a list each year. Tracking your net worth is likely to have a similar effect on you – giving you the drive to better.

Personal Financial Calendar

savings tracker Companies and governments operate on a quarterly basis. This means that they stop and check whether their expenditure is in tandem with the projected gains. A financial calendar gives them the impetus to know whether they should make adjustments for them to meet the overall annual goals. You can follow in their tracks and develop a personal financial calendar with targets and objectives of what you need to do within a given period. It follows that you will do whatever it is that you do for a living with a progressive plan in mind and this is how people rise from the gutter to the peak.

Finance Management Software

Most things are done electronically nowadays. You can pay for just about anything online and this is commendable because you get to keep an articulate track of your expenditure. Credit and debit card transactions are recorded automatically. The same goes for mobile phone payments. It is possible to synchronize your online and mobile phone payments with personal finance management software. This means that you may never have to lift a pen to know the weak points in your expenditure portfolio with the aim of making necessary adjustments.

Personal Finance Management Coach

If you have tried all the above options and found that none of them works for you, then it is prudent to get a personal financial management coach. Managing your finances with a touch of success requires you to adopt business and career development idealisms – many of which you can pick from an astute online personal finance management guru.