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Ways in Which Musicians Can Make Money

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It is one thing to have a talent, and it is another thing altogether to make money out of it. Although musicians have an admirable ability, some of them do not make money from it. This is despite spending many hours nurturing their talent and even spending money to buy instruments and on other things.

Such events can help musicians to make decent amounts of money besides popularizing themselves. With a well-known name, the artists can get future invitations or massively sell their music even through online channels.

Here are some ways musicians can earn from their talent:

Creating a YouTube Channel

a screen showing youtube appMusicians can get a good platform by starting their YouTube channels. Besides enabling them to make money with their music, the musicians can earn some cash teaching free music lessons. The idea is to get such video tutorials attract a ton of viewers and having monetized them, the musicians can make significant amounts of money.

Another creative way musicians can use YouTube channels to get money is to upload their videos while performing. Many musicians such as Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber were discovered through using this strategy. You can also shoot to stardom through the same, or even secure big gigs.

Selling their Music

It is no brainer that the primary way musicians can get cash from their talent is by selling their music. In the past, the norm was selling CDs and other physical copies through music stores or during performances. However, technology advancement has made these ways less popular and almost obsolete. Digital distribution is now the way to go. Musicians can sell their music on their sites or other third-party sites and channels and earn from it.

Teaching Music or Instruments

Those musicians with time and flexible schedules can consider teaching music or how to play some instruments. This can become a revenue source. Musicians could even be substitute music teachers in some institutions or use online channels to teach their art. Through online channels, such as YouTube or websites, they can also get another income if they attract a considerable following.

Live Performances and Gigs

a man perfoming musicMost musicians derive great pleasure from performing live to an audience as they also make money. The secret here is for musicians first to build their names to attract reasonable rates.

Musicians can popularize themselves by volunteering to perform in their early days and taking low paying gigs. To make good cash from performances, musicians need to consider organizing their concerts and selling tickets through their channels.

Lucrative ways to make extra money


Since way back then when we were children, most if not each one of us had a dream of having a lot of money and also a stable job, but with the current economy it is almost an impossibility to keep a stable job. Employment is one of the ways to generate a desired income. There are various ways to make extra money. Because of the widespread use and availability of the internet you can utilize it to earn extra cash as well. Discovering new ways of making money and trying them is a booming trends in this generation we are in. Below are some ways to make extra money even from the comfort of your home:

By cooking and baking

By cooking and baking

If you are conversant with baking, cooking and preparing homemade foods, then this option is suitable for you. With this option, you can generate some extra cash. Many individuals like homemade cakes and cookies, knowing that homemade food is better than the ones found in malls and markets.


Freelancing is a brilliant source of making extra income. There are a couple of jobs that you can do as a freelancer, freelance model, writer and so much more. This job requires to notch skills and flexibility. This will also offer you the opportunity to work from home thus making it more convenient and easier for you.


If blogging is what you are good at, you can create your own blog or website that can make you some good money, just like many bloggers do.

Making cash out of your creativity

If you happen to have a talent for making accessories, knitting and other handicrafts, you can raise extra income from your skills and talent. Since there are a lot of tourists coming and going, you should be able to make descent sales.

Garage sale

Owning a collection of shoes, dresses and a lot of other stuff that was kept over the years can enable you to make and acquire extra income. You can put them up for sale from your home. This is usually known as a garage sale.


take a photoBecause there is a huge demand for photography out there, you might want to put this profitable option into consideration especially if you have the skills and talent in photography. This is a valuable skill to have and a chance to make some extra cash. Weddings, holidays, birthday parties and so forth are some common events that require photography services.